Prof. Jamil M. Khalifeh
Monday, October 30, 2017
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Jamil Mahmoud Khalifeh is a professor at the department of physics. Prof. Khalifeh received his B.Sc. in physics from the University of Jordan back in 1972, and then completed his Ph.D. on the electronic structure of transition metal-based alloys from Louis Pasteur University, France, in 1982. Such an analysis was important in its own right, as a precision test of the electronic properties of metals, but also served to further our understanding of semiconductors and insulators. 
He is currently working in the field of condensed matter physics, and collaborating with a research group that he established two decades ago.
After the establishment of the PhD physics program at the University of Jordan, Prof. Khalifeh sought to build a research group and to have his former students (junior faculty members then) continue to collaborate with his group. The research group was meant to share their knowledge and skills with the new postgraduate comers, so they can take part in research at the condensed matter frontiers, and to participate in analyses that would undoubtedly lead to future opportunities.
As a marvelous harvest, Prof. Khalifeh and his group were able to explore many analyses covering wide a scope in the realm of condensed matter (such as magnetic and electronic structures, defects in solid, Hydrogen in metals, surfaces and interfaces, overlayers, Heusler alloys, and catalysis) using innovative techniques and computational facilities. He also examined analytically the applications of lattice Green's function in mathematical physics. These calculations (over 130 articles) were published in the most prestigious journals in physics.
As a result of his extensive work, Prof. Khalifeh has received many honors and recognitions, including Scopus Recognition for his contribution to science in 2009, and the Recognition of ISI Web of Knowledge for contribution to science in 2011.
Prof. Khalifeh enjoys teaching and interacting with students. He used to teach courses at all levels from an introductory general physics course, intended for non-technical majors, all the way up to quite rigorous courses appeal to graduate students (PhD level). With such diverse audiences, he valued teaching and gave his students a great deal of guidance, particularly with regards to working one-on-one with those in particular need of help.        
Prof. Khalifeh was appointed as a visiting professor at numerous institutions for a considerable time; including Louis Pasteur University, Warwick University - England, Alexander von Humboldt fellowship – Frankfurt University - Germany, Martin Luther University - Germany, and ICTP -Trieste - Italy.
He served as a member on the editorial board of the International Journal of Science and Technology (EIJST), Jordan Journal of Physics (JJP), and European International Journal of Engineering and Emerging Technologies (IJEET).
Prof. Khalifeh is the editor of the Arabic version of the textbook "Physics, Principles and Applications" by D. Giancoli, and the editor of the Arabic version of the textbook "Conceptual Physical Science" by P.Hewitt, J. Suchocki and L. Hewitt.
Prof. Khalifeh chaired the physics department for two terms. He was the chairman of the 7th and 8th international Petra school of physics that took place at the University of Jordan, and served as the president of the Jordanian association of physicists.
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