Hamza Arsbi
Monday, October 30, 2017
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My passion for education started at the University of Jordan. As a microcosm of Jordanian society, the challenges it put before me and the inspiration it gave me informed my life and career significantly.


I currently hold a Master’s degree in International Development from the University of Manchester and run my own educational organization in Jordan. The Science League’s mission is to increase access to quality education and prepare the next generation for the challenges ahead. My team and I have won many awards and recognition for the work we do.


When I started my degree in Psychology at the University of Jordan, I had my eyes set on a job in academia. I wanted to be a professor and conduct research. However, meeting both educators and students at the university who were passionate about social change and volunteer work, my view on what I can do in life shifted.


The department of psychology was a hub of diversity and activism, discussions were sometimes heated, but there was always respect. Professors from the department, such as Dr. Arwa AlAmiry and Dr. Yousef Abuhmaidan, became mentors and guides who took my education above and beyond the set curriculum. Professors outside the department, such as Dr. George ElFar, were also welcoming to share their knowledge and experience. I had lively discussions with educators of diverse disciplines ranging from the science and IT, to the arts and philosophy. They nurtured my curiosity and challenged me on every level.


The University of Jordan is powerful educational institution, and houses great minds. It manages to balance the contradictions and bring to light the issues that we as Jordanians must face. As a first step into the real world, a student is privileged to be a part of this institution, and has a responsibility to make it better.

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