Thursday, October 18, 2018
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Welcome to Amman and the Language Center of the University of Jordan.

The word welcome has a clear deep rooted meaning in the Arabic language with a connotation of kindness and unique hospitality I have rarely experienced in many other parts of the world. Located conveniently in a central location of Amman, The University of Jordan is well connected to the public transportation routes that serve all parts of the Capital and the surrounding cities efficiently and cost effectively. Breakfast and lunch are served on weekdays in the university cafeteria with a low cost and high quality, meals are deliciously flavorful with a variety of local palatable spices and the desserts are tastefully prepared.

The quality of the facilities and the program professors are extremely high. The professors are all leaders in their fields of specialty and they create an exceptional environment suited to learning the Arabic language in a minimal amount of time. Students are matched with native Arabic speakers to accelerate the learning process. 

I highly recommend learning Arabic at the University of Jordan.
Best wishes and welcome to Jordan

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