Iman Al-Damen
Saturday, March 30, 2019
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Currently a Non-Executive Director at Jordan Commercial Bank, Iman Al-Damen holds an MBA in Finance from University of Jordan (1992 ) and has more than eighteen years of profound experience in the fields of Banking, mainly Credit (Corporate, SME& Retail), Risk assessment and Investment and is a Certified Director from Jordan Institute of Directors./ IFC.
Al-Damen is Cofounder and Chairwoman of Women on Boards-Jordan Association, which was founded in September 2018 to support and inspire professional women across the Kingdom to move to the next level in their career across and achieve their goals.
The foundation of her experience and competencies was derived from joining the restructuring and reengineering process in the banking sector in Jordan. From these tough experiences, she acquired the spirit of challenge and the ability to work under pressure and the willingness to seek new concepts to improve the processes needed for growth and success.
During her career, Al-Damen steered the establishment of SMEs Department in Cairo Amman Bank (CAB) in 2006, which met the best practice in SMEs banking and CAB became the first bank among Jordanian banks to implement SMEs concept among Jordanian Banks.
In 2008, Al-Damen was the first woman to assume the position of Chief Credit & Risk Officer in Capital Bank of Jordan.
For more than 20 years, Ms. Al-Damen has been a volunteering key member in different NGOs supporting women empowerment; member of Jordanian National Forum for Women (Supreme Board) and occupied key positions for the Jordan Forum for Business and Professional Women working on Woman Empowerment for the period of 2009-2016.
Al-Damen lives by the principle that ambition and determination are key to a person’s success and these two characteristics are important to her. Her advice to young inspiring students:
 “You can achieve whatever you want in life. All you have to do is believe that you can. Update your skill set and knowledge-base. Understand that there are certain expectations related to leadership, and develop your skills accordingly. Be a part of your country committee to social change.”
For female university students about to graduate Al-Damen advises that they “never sit back and blame others for lack of opportunity, prepare yourself and actively seek out ways to build your skills and expand your networks by signing up for training, joining professional associations and reaching out to others who have made it.”
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