Katie R. Larson
Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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I am a graduate student from Indiana University studying Arabic at the University of Jordan’s Language Center for the first time. The Language Center’s advanced level Arabic language class offers students an opportunity to develop skills in Modern Standard Arabic using challenging texts from classical and modern Arabic literature, poetry, and media.

Both of my professors, Dr. Hadia "Kazneh Katbi" and Dr. Khalil Khalifeh, have a wealth of knowledge in Arabic phonology and syntax as well as experience teaching Arabic to non-native Arabic speakers. Both create a welcoming learning environment where students can discuss texts and share opinions on an array of topics.
From the perspective of a student learning the Arabic language, one of the greatest advantages of studying at UJ's Language Center is the presence of a student community.

The opportunity to meet and interact with other students studying on the campus and spend time with them beyond the university gates is critical for developing my language abilities through full immersion in the Jordanian language and culture. UJ also has ample academic resources available to researchers and students learning Arabic at all levels at the student union, library, and the many academic centers and departments on campus. The Language Center and campus are also great places to begin learning and experimenting with the local dialect in everyday interactions and conversations.

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