​​​​​Prof. Sawsan Oran
Wednesday, December 07, 2016
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Professor of Plant Taxonomy at the School of Science, Department of Biological Sciences, Sawsan Oran earned her B.Sc. in General Biology from Baghdad University, Iraq, in 1979, M.Sc. in Plant systematics from the University of Reading, Berks, England, in 1986, and Ph.D. in Plant Biosystematics also from the University of Reading in 1991.
Prof. Oran started her academic career by teaching Plant Biology , general Biology,  plant anatomy, plant systematics for undergraduate students, and Advanced Plant Taxonomy, plant tissue culture, Biodiversity and Medicinal Plants for postgraduate students at UJ, where she was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor in 1999, and to Full Professor in 2006.
Throughout her academic career, Prof. Oran held many administrative and academic positions at UJ and other universities, including Dean of Zarqa University College at Al-Balqa Applied University (2006-2008), and Dean of the School of Sciences at the University of Jordan (2009-2011). She was also appointed as a Research Associate at Missouri Botanical Gardens (2015-now).
She served and is serving as a member in numerous national and international scientific and professional organizations, including the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, Jordan Environmental Society, Jordanian Biological Society, Jordanian Society for Desertification Control & Badia Development, as well as the OPTIMA (Organization for the Phyto -Taxonomic Investigation of the Mediterranean Area, IAVS (International Association of Vegetation Sciences), Missouri Botanic Garden, and the Tunisian Society for Natural Sciences.

Prof. Oran served on the editorial board of the Jordan Journal of Biological Sciences (JJBS), (2010-2014). She is also a Juror of Ford Motor Company Conservation and Environmental Grants (2016).
Oran is a member of Institutional Review Board (IRB), ACDIMA Center for Bioequivalence and Pharmaceutical Studies, Jordan (2013- Now).
Prof. Oran went on many scientific and research visits, including a sabbatical year (2014- 2015) in Missouri botanical garden and Washington University in U. S. A., and a scientific visit to Edinburgh botanical garden in Scotland in 2012.
Prof. Oran is a highly accomplished scholar with 60 scientific journal articles. Her work emphasis is on Flora of Jordan, plant tissue culture, pollen grains, the wild medicinal plants in Jordan and their effects on some biological activities as well as topics in environmental pollution and conservation.
The UJ professor was a speaker in more than 50 international scientific conferences in the field of biosystematics, medicinal plants, biodiversity, flora of Jordan, plant tissue culture, environmental pollution and conservation.
Prof. Oran has also supervised, co-supervised and examined tens of M. Sc and Ph.D. theses.
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