​​​​Zuhair Al Nobani
Wednesday, February 01, 2017
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The highly acclaimed Jordanian actor Zuhair Al Nobani received his BA degree in Public Administration and Political Science from the University of Jordan (UJ) in 1974.
During his student years at UJ, Al Nobani performed on the University's stages and had leads in numerous plays.

After graduation, Al Nobani worked as Art Supervisor at UJ for 2 years where he supervised all cultural and artistic activities on campus.
As of 1976, the drama pillar dedicated himself to pursuing a full-time career in acting.
Al Nobani has participated in more than 130 successful and popular television series, among which Desert Falcons, Imru' al-Qais, Science is Enlightenment, The Road to Kabul, Ras Ghlais, Blood Brothers, the Promise and others.
He is also known for his participation in The Savior (2014), Akhir Ayyam Al-Yamama (2005) and Sultana (2008).
Al Nobani was awarded the Order of Al Hussein for Distinguished Contributions of the First Class in 2007, bestowed on him by His Majesty King Abdullah II.
He was also honored during the 2010 Jordan Awards held to honor talented Jordanian and Arab artists.
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