UJ students silently protest against campus violence
Wednesday, December 04, 2013 
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UJ students held a silent protest Tuesday in conjunction with other seven Jordanian universities to condemn student violence attended by UJ Acting President, Prof. Azmi Mahafzah and Vice president for Training and Community Service, Prof. Musa Al Lozi.

The protest is organized by the "defense" network emanating from Al-Hayat Center for Civil Society Development.
The participants raised slogans that condemn acts violate other students’ right to education, mobility and the right to a safe campus environment.
Al Lozi commended the participating students’ awareness towards the issue, and for sensing the size of the problem and attempts to deliver their message to all concerned parties.
Al Lozi confirmed UJ’s constant support to positive extracurricular activities organized by the students.
According to the Coordinator of the "defense" Network, Attorney Ragheb Shreim, the protest is also organized at Yarmouk, Hashimite, Al al-Bayt, Tafila, Mutah and Applied Sciences universities to curb violation of student rights resulting from campus violence and to encourage university administrations to apply the rule of law and punish whoever commits or participates in violent acts.
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