“100 Social Innovations from Finland” reviewed at UJ
Monday, December 23, 2013 
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The Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan (UJ) hosted the finish Author, Dr. Ilkka Taipale to talk about his book: 100 Social Innovations from Finland, especially after the release of the Arabic edition of the book.

The Center's director, Dr. Mousa Shteiwi said the goal of this meeting is to inform the Jordanian society on the successful experiences of other communities to contribute to seeing the world from a new perspective.


Dr. Taipale spoke about the innovations presented by the book after being successfully applied in Finland, noting that technical inventions are the basis of the economic system of Finland, where approximately 4% of GNP in the country is allocated for research and development.


Dr. Taipale added that the secrets to Finland’s progress and success in various fields are free education, universal social security, gender equality, and parliamentary democracy, in addition to the large number of non-governmental organizations that have contributed to the welfare and stability of Finland.


In his book, the writer presents 100 social innovations by the Republic of Finland classified according to a number of areas are: management, social policy, health, culture, globalization, civil society, social techniques, and everyday entertainment.


In addition to the finally released Arabic edition, the book is also available in Swedish, English, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Punjabi, as well as Finnish.


The meeting was attended by a group of faculty and administrative staff at the university and a number of concerned academic institutions.


At the conclusion of the meeting, the editor discussed a group of interventions related to the book’s content.

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