UJ Radio considers social media marketing
Monday, February 24, 2014 
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The University of Jordan Radio (94.9 FM) is considering a social media marketing plan prepared by UJ Faculty of International Studies student, Baha' al-Din Al Qudah, aims at increasing students' interaction with UJ Radio programs.

The plan seeks to Increase students' interaction with UJ Radio programs and take advantage of the services and activities provided by it in many scientific, cultural, intellectual and artistic aspects.
Mohammad Wasif, Director of UJ Radio, said one of the most important themes of the plan includes setting up a integrated team to publishes daily radio topics electronically and cover all activities organized by students at the University.

Wasif added that UJ Radio will coordinate with various clubs and student bodies regarding the sponsoring of events and activities held at UJ, stressing that it will facilitate for the students to advertise for their activities through the radio at the lowest possible cost.

In turn, Baha' al-Din Al Qudah explained that managing the content of UJ Radio using modern techniques requires focusing on the most prominent university WebPages, including UJ news, the official website of the University and various student social media groups.

Al Qudah pointed out that the plan includes the use of images, posters and short videos across all the websites and pages in order to market the radio’s programs more efficiently and at a lower cost.
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