Newthink Studio addresses university students across the country
Wednesday, February 26, 2014 
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Mohammad Jameel Khader

Translated by Yara Zuhri Abu Awwad

“For those who have not attended the Newthink Theatre 9… we are coming to visit you in 14 different universities across various governorates. Be with us and participate in the Newthink Studio tour. We will be discussing brilliant concepts and theories. You will also get to meet many dignitaries, from our community, who desire to share their experience and tell you their story.”

Using colloquial, simple language, as well as great and continuous enthusiasm, the Newthink Theatre heads back in 2014 for their 9th show, announcing through their very own activist Maher Kaddoura, their destinations for this year, which include the Jordanian universities’ private and public sectors.

After the Studio’s spokesmen finished performing their first show in Al Balqa University, they headed to the University of Jordan for a second performance last Sunday. Upon meeting the eager students in the overly crowded Rum hall in the Language Centre, a number of speakers, who were able to capture the turning point of their lives, shared their stories. Believing in the efficiency of Newthink and its meaning as well as its achievable outcomes, they were capable of creating a difference through turning defeat and failure into models of success in numerous fields; scientific, professional, commercial, creative and industrial.

Nine spokesmen narrated their inspirational stories. Within the few minutes they had, each speaker attempted to leave a positive impression on the students of the University of Jordan. The show, along with the many other activities presented by the Studio, was sponsored by Zain Group, Ro’ya T.V and Al-Etihad Bank.

Al-Jude for Scientific Care institution released this initiative in 2009 in order to raise selected issues for discussion, and then present them in a creative theatrical performance.
Husam Fakhoury discussed human self-reflection and life including the aspect of negative self-reflection, prompting the students to face their negativity. Sabrine Taha shared her experience regarding the field of media, and how she managed to triumph in the specialty which best suits her, overcoming the congenital impediments. She approached the concepts under which the modern world places a T.V news anchor in visual media. Mahmoud Shattel talked about his accomplishment in inventing power generators with practical features, and the transformation of his invention to a commercial product, which manages to financially support him and his family. Yanis Yanis entertained the audience by impersonating leaders, presidents and renowned figures, following his performance with the story of his success, and his persistence in finding his own creative artistic identity without disregarding his benefit from his uncle the artist; Hisham Yanis. A young man shared the story of his prosperity with Jobedu shirts. Specialists revised with the audience the tools and keys of success; they key of love, gratitude and imagination. They reminded the students of Thomas Addison’s success due to the hundreds of inventions he presented the world with after the many failed attempts he had to go through.  “You decide how your dream will come true,” that’s how the organizers of this activity cheered to the students, demanding that they never give themselves up to negativity or waste time pondering upon moments of failure for, in their opinion, life does not wait in the intermediate quarter of our lives. The first quarter of our lives is spent in academic pursuit, no one can predict the third quarter, and thus the intermediate one (25 – 50 years) marks the most critical and sensitive period of our lives, which determines the success or the failure of a human being.

The Theatre, which is sponsored by Play FM (Radio station) and “Nashama”, targets students, profitable and non profitable organizations, government institutions, distinguished individuals socially, economically and culturally, in addition to the representatives of the various fields regarding media; visual, audio and print media.

“Every individual has ideas as well as the ability to produce more,” yet, only a distinctive person is going to be capable of “implementing these ideas and applying them in reality, overlooking the problems and the challenges that he or she might face, whether they be financial or social.” Those words are uttered by Maher Kaddoura, who converted his personal grief to a resolute work in order to cultivate peoples’ hearts with happiness. This is what he strives, through his genuine efforts, to deliver to thousands of students across the country.
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