Student Initiatives Office promotes its accomplishments
Monday, March 03, 2014 
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By Fadia Al Otaibi
Translated by Saja Bakir
Edited by Suha Alsubeihi

The Students Initiatives Office at The University of Jordan (UJ) promotes and productively manages student initiatives after they are embraced by the office. 

During a ceremony held today by the office, in the presence of the University President Prof. Ekhleif Tarawneh, a number of deans, senior administrators at the University and students to display its achievements, the head of the office, Dr. Neda’a Zaqzouq, highlighted the aims and activities of the office which was founded to unify individual efforts of the students so that they become organized, vibrant and collective to reach its desired goal.

During her speech at the ceremony, Dr. Zaqzouq said The University of Jordan worked on creating a special office to embrace the initiatives of its students to strengthen their creative abilities, refine their talents and to follow their ideas, bearing in mind that “Creativity can be only managed by creativity.”

Zaqzouq also added that the office is where all the initiatives of students should be directed whether they have emerged from within the office or through the various institutions of the University; its faculties, deanships and scientific research centers. 

In addition, Zaqzouq called for more cooperation and partnership with the office to establish the concept of teamwork so that it becomes a reference point for the students’ creativity.
The ceremony included a representation of some initiatives that have been implemented by students or other entities from outside the university approved by office and turned into success stories.

The students explained briefly a group of initiatives, such as : “My Partner is Maqdisi” which intends to achieve social and cultural connections between the students of The University of Jordan and the University of Jerusalem (Abu Dis), and “Take and Give for the Exchange of Services” initiative to encourage the exchange of skills among university students. 

“Vote Wisely” was also another initiative that focused on amending and redirecting the electoral culture of students, as well as “The Network of Initiatives to Support the Disabled” which includes these initiatives: “Let’s Change”, “La’alaho Yazzaka”, “From Amman We Begin” and “It’s about Time”.

The “Knowledge” initiative of the Electronic Health Solutions Company was also explained during the ceremony. The company has designed a free electronic medical library targeting the health sectors, to promote it at the heath faculties of the university with the help of marketing students at the School of Business.
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