Alfarhat Wins Presidency of UJ Student Union
Thursday, April 03, 2014 
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Student Thaer Alfarhat was elected the president of The University of Jordan Student Union on Thursday evening, earning 53 votes.

The President of the Supreme Committee for Students Union Elections, vice-president, Prof. Azmi Mahafzah announced Farhat as the president of the union, Hashim Al hadeed  as his deputy, Ahmed Al Melehi the secretary, and student Sakher Zaidan the treasurer.
Regarding the chairmanship of the committees, student Sultan Al Harasis won the chairmanship of the Union’s Finance Committee; Ali Alkhtattenh won the chairmanship of the Volunteer Work and Community Service Committee, and student Tariq Nuqul for the chairmanship of the Public and International Relations Committee.
Moreover, Yazeed Al Zaatrh was elected the chairman of the Students Issues Committee, Mohammed Nour Abu Quayder as the chairman of the Student Activities Committee, and Omar Al Zoubi chairman of the Scientific Research and Academic Affairs Committee.
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