Deanship of Academic Research Bids Farewell to Former Dean, Retiring Colleagues
Sunday, March 05, 2017 
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The former Dean of Academic Research Prof. Abeer Al Bawab and 3 experienced employees were given warm farewell at a function held at the Deanship of Academic Research (DAR) on Thursday, February 2.


Dean of Academic Research and Quality Assurance, Prof. Shaher Momani, commended Al Bawab's efforts, who has served the Deanship of Academic Research as dean for years, wishing her success and achievements  on her new position as the new director of the Scientific Research Support Fund (SRSF).


The Deanship also celebrated the long-service of a number of employees as they enter retirement.  Mohammad Alsarkhi, Aziza Makhal, and Fakhri Hamdan were honored in person by Prof. Momani for their dedication and long service.


The ceremony was attended by the Vice Dean of Academic Research Dr. Nasser Hunaiti, Assistant Dean Dr. Alia Ghwairi, Dr. Bashar Al-Shboul, Dr. Ahmed Alawneh, Prof. Fouad Kittaneh, Prof. Ahmad Al-Salaymeh and the deanship staff.


On their part, the honorees expressed their deep thanks and great appreciation for the Deanship's keenness in honoring them, extending their sincere gratitude to the Deanship and the University.

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