School of Engineering Holds 'Made in Jordan' Workshop and Exhibition
Monday, March 27, 2017 
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The Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Jordan (UJ) School of Engineering organized on Sunday in cooperation with the Amman Chamber of Industry and the Ministry of Labor, a workshop and exhibition titled "Made in Jordan".
The workshop and exhibition is part of an initiative, also titled 'Made in Jordan', launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and the Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) with an aim to promote domestic companies and enhance consumer confidence in their products.
The workshop included an introduction about the initiative and discussed topics on the role of research in developing Jordanian products, UJ's vision in supporting industrial education and providing the private and public sectors with the required qualifications, in addition to the role of the Amman Chamber of Industry in supporting the industrial sector through specialized programs, such as 'Faculty for Factory' program, graduation projects programs, and creative incubators.
On the sidelines of the workshop, an industrial exhibition is arranged with the participation of about 16 industrial establishments from various industrial sectors. The exhibition aims at informing students of local industry models that have realized many achievements at the national and international scales.
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