International Workshop Aims at Ensuring Sustainability of Jordanian Olive Sector
Monday, April 24, 2017 
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An international workshop on capacity building of professionals in the olive industry kicked off today in Amman.
The two-day Workshop, themed "Ensuring Sustainability of Jordanian Olive Sector", is organized by the University of Jordan (UJ) School of Agriculture under the frame of TEMPUS project.
The main purpose of the workshop is to bring together olive experts, scientists, technicians as well as managers, exporters and policy makers to exchange experiences and theoretical and practical knowledge in the olive sector.
This workshop is the closing event of a project dubbed "Capacity Building of Personnel in Jordanian Olive Industry" implemented in partnership with Jordanian and European universities and agricultural institutions.
First launched at UJ in 2014, the project resulted with the establishment of a training center at the University, in addition to five laboratories in other Jordanian universities to train students in the fields of sensory evaluation and physical and chemical analysis of olive oil, and the exchange of academics and postgraduate students.
International experts from Greece, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Palestine and Jordanian will be discussing topics related to current developments in the agricultural industry, current developments in the olive industry, and sustainable irrigation methods for olive in the arid regions.
The olive industry is economically important to Jordan. Olive covers about 36% of the total cultivated area in Jordan, and Jordanian exports of olive products is estimated to worth 100 million dinars.
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