UJ Moves Towards Blended-learning
Thursday, May 11, 2017 
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In light of the University of Jordan's (UJ) strategic decision to develop and embed a blended learning approach across the University, a seminar was held at the University of Jordan (UJ) on Saturday under the patronage of the President Prof. Azmi Mahafzah, to introduce blended-learning to UJ's deans and faculty members.


"Current teaching methods are no longer adequate, and new learning approaches must be adopted in order to enable the University to move from teaching to learning using modern components and tools," Prof. Mahafzah said during the seminar opening.


He also stated that UJ is establishing a new center for e-learning and modern learning technologies to provide open learning resources and multifaceted learning means.


UJ Vice President Prof. Ahmad Majdoubeh emphasized the importance of blended learning as an effective mean to achieve a qualitative leap in the educational outcomes of students.

He also pointed out the basic steps towards achieving such a fundamental change, starting with admitting that most of the currently used educational methods are not suitable for the current time, and that change is needed in order to be more relevant to the needs of the learners, the market, the society and the ever changing times.


The seminar was attended by the deans of the humanities faculties and more than 120 faculty members.

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