UJ Hosts First Day of the Italian Language Week in the World
Monday, October 16, 2017 
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The 17th edition of 'Italian Language Week in the World' kicked-off from UJ on Sunday under the theme: "Italian at cinema, Italian within the cinema".
The event is organized by the Diplomatic and Cultural Network of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy in more than 120 countries around the world.
The annual event, which is organized in the third week of October, aims to promote Italian as a language of classical and contemporary culture.
The activities of the first day began with a film documenting the Italian heritage and achievements at the cultural, archaeological, health, and education levels.
Italian Ambassador to Jordan Giovanni Brauzzi stated that commencing the Week at UJ is due to its role in teaching and promoting the language.
450 students are currently studying Italian as a foreign language at UJ. The event will give them the chance to engage deeply in the Italian language, culture, and history.
In his address at the inauguration ceremony, Brauzzi presented a short summary about the history of the Italian cinema, and the way Italy invested in cinematic art to deliver a message to humanity
He added that the event is a “perfect opportunity” to shed light on important and delicate issues, to not only promote the image of an open and multicultural Italy but also to make people more sensitive and aware of current social issues.
On October 17, the documentary film “I wear the veil, I love the Queen” by Luisa Porrino will be screened, telling the everyday life of three young Muslim women.
The movie sheds light on the prejudices and stereotypes that limit the understanding of the Islamic culture, in a bid to enhance mutual comprehension and inter-cultural integration,
To conclude, the 2016 film “Have Nice Dreams” by Marco Bellocchio will expose the socio-economical changes Italy has been through in the last 30 years, analysed by the eyes of a child and a war journalist. The story was inspired by the autobiographical novel written by Massimo Gramellini.
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