A Road Map to Overcome Challenges – Al Qudah
Sunday, January 13, 2019 
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The President of the University of Jordan (UJ), Prof. Abdul karim Al Qudah, unveiled a roadmap for the advancement of UJ aims at turning it into a global, smart, productive, enlightening and financially stable institution through a number of short, medium and long-term plans.


During a press conference, Al-Qudah elaborated on the details of the roadmap, which includes identifying the challenges and how to overcome them, describing its action plan as "realistic" and applicable, in addition to considering fields of high priority at the national level, such as energy, unemployment, desertification and others.


He stated that the University suffers financially, like other universities, however, in his view, it's crucial to find a practical solution to this problem, in terms of increasing revenues, rationalizing expenditure, and re-directing investment projects to guarantee profit.


Al-Qudah hopes that by the end of 2019 there will be no deficit or borrowing, stressing that institutional work will generate a successful investment.


In his talk, Al-Qudah also touched on other problems facing the University.


He said that 1,500 employees at the University are in redundant positions, costing the university an estimated at JD14 million annually.


Al-Qudah said that UJ only received JD4 million out of the JD8 million assigned to it in 2018, which also worsened its finances.

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