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Sunday, January 03, 2021 
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The University of Jordan (UJ) President Prof. Abdul Karim Al-Qudah, confirmed that higher education in Jordan is fine and still admired on the Arab and international levels. He added during a TV interview on Friday that a national strategy that addresses various HE challenges can be built on what we have.
"We must deal with education in Jordan as a whole, focusing on both school and higher education, with the aim of reaching a comprehensive action plan that addresses the inputs of the educational process, including the large number of students, poor academic choices and financial aspects," he said during the 60 Minutes show on JTV.
Al-Qudah referred to the importance of early academic guidance to help students decide what major or career they want to peruse, particularly in light of the high unemployment rates and a social culture that demands a university degree.
He added that there is a need to focus more on technical and vocational education as an important and reformative step to address the challenges of HE. "The labor market requires skills and experiences that are present in this type of education," he concluded.
He also emphasized that e-learning is the future of education, whether in universities or schools, indicating that it is a strategic choice for education in all stages.
Finally, he reaffirmed that UJ is fine, stable and progressing, and enjoys a high academic and employment reputation in the local, Arab and international rankings, based on scientific research, teaching, and community service criteria.
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