UJ's CSS Launches "Jordan's Path in 2021: Trends and Scenarios" Report
Thursday, April 01, 2021 
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The Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) at the University of Jordan (UJ) launched the "Jordan's Path in 2021: Trends and Scenarios" report during a press conference on Tuesday.

CSS Director Prof. Zaid Eyadat said the report presents potential scenarios to anticipate the future of Jordan and the region in an attempt to understand the geostrategic and political changes that have occurred or are expected to occur and their impact on Jordan in 2021.

According to Eyadat, the study aims to reveal underlying implications of major emerging internal and regional key trends to provide predictions for shifts in geopolitical power balance to help policy makers make informed and knowledgeable decisions.

The results include the assessment of 174 experts of key trends in Jordan and other countries such as GCC, Turkey, Israel, Iran, and Egypt.

In the report CSS drafted three possible scenarios that shift from positive to more negative. The first scenario, which is the most positive one, discusses a more stable MENA where Jordan's role solidified and the country can adjust to challenges of Covid-19 pandemic and sees more democracy and reform.
The second scenario is categorized by rising tension in the MENA region due to Biden administration's focus on other regions, as well as an increase in pressure on Jordan domestically.

The third scenario is based on an unstable MENA, an insurgent ISIS and radicalization, and deteriorating domestic affairs.
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