Management of NICE-Office Transferred to UJ
Thursday, September 30, 2021 
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The University of Jordan (UJ), on Tuesday, was handed the management of the Office of the National Implementation Committee for Effective Integrated Wastewater Management in Jordan (NICE), which was embraced by HELMHOLTZ Center For Environmental Research (UFZ), in cooperation with the Ministry of Water and Irrigation for 10 years.

UJ Vice President for Scientific Schools, Prof. Inaam Khalaf, stressed in her address during the NICE transfer conference which was organized by the Ministry, the need to link the scientific aspect to the real needs of the sectors to come up with thoughtful recommendations to be proposed to decision makers.

She also pointed out that the aim of the handover of the office to UJ, to be settled at the Water, Energy and Environment Center, is to ensure the continuity of the work of the Committee, thereby serving the water sector through the sustainability of the development and implementation of policies for wastewater management.

The Director of the Water, Energy and Environment Center, Dr. Khaldoun Shatnawe, presented a profile of the center, which was established to conduct research on water, energy and the environment issues, also to identify problems that the region is experiencing in these sectors and try to find appropriate solutions to them.

He also welcomed receiving NICE office at the Center, which will be managed by the Center and continues to work and achieve its goals.
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