Al Qudah Lectures at the Royal Police Academy
Monday, October 22, 2018 
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Prof. Abdel karim Al Qudah, the President of the University of Jordan (UJ), said that measuring institutional performance is based on comparing the end result with the goals of the institution, and the goals must be identified in connection with the institution’s subsidiary units, detailed plans, and performance indicators.

Al Qudah added during his lecture at the Royal Police Academy, that the primary problem in measuring the effectiveness of governmental programs is in the difficulty of measuring the results of said programs and therefore in specifying the relationship between their costs and the resulting revenues.

He also pointed to the opposition between the objectives and priorities, which stands against measuring the performance, and to the lack of a specific definition for the various duties of many of the government organizations in the light of interfering majors and duality of most jobs. 

Al Qudah called in the lecture for looking at government sectors from an investment point of view rather than a service point of view, and to unlock the duality and interference between the sectors in order to gain their independence in performance, and specify the responsibilities and simplify procedures of services offered to the public.

He stipulated that clarity and congruence in the objectives of the institutions is a condition for the success of the evaluation process, based on a number of indicators (interactive through achieving the objectives, efficient use of human resources, productivity and quality of services performed in government agencies).

The lecture was attended by the Assistant Director of Public Security, Brigadier General Walid Battah, Academic Commander Colonel Atef Al Amoush, and officers from the Academy.

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