German Delegation Visits UJ to Introduce International Parliamentary Scholarships
Sunday, November 04, 2018 
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A delegation from the German Parliament accompanied by officials from the Germany Embassy in Amman visited the School of Foreign languages at the University of Jordan (UJ) on Thursday to introduce the International Parliamentary Scholarship (IPS) program which is offered annually by the German Parliament in association with Free University of Berlin, Technical University of Berlin, and Humboldt University for 120 young men and women around the world.

The delegation was composed of PM Alexander Ulrich, Frank Sobolewski Director of Parliamentary Services, and Prof. Susanne Zepp from the Free University of Berlin.

Ulrich said that the program aim to give politically engaged young graduates from all over the world the chance to take a closer look at the German parliament system and to gain a practical experience over parliament work and representative democracy to be able to support the parliamentary life in their countries.

He added that the parliament offers 24 fully paid annual scholarships for participants from the Arab region, in which each participant works with a parliament member for a period of 5 months, in addition to studying number of courses at the three German universities. 

Prof. Zepp briefly presented the three German universities. For her part, Sobolewski talked about the criteria for applying to the program; including that the applicant must be Jordanian, holds a university degree, and speaks German and less than 30 years of age.

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