Conference on Jerusalem kicks off at UJ
Sunday, June 16, 2019 
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 The Arab Centre for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) in collaboration with the University of Jordan (UJ), Institute for Palestine Studies (IPS) and Birzeit University on Saturday kicked off a conference on Jerusalem on UJ campus.
In his address, Abdul Karim Qudah, president of the UJ, stressed that the meeting seeks to put focus on the “beautiful” city, highlighting the Hashemites’ historical role in defending and safeguarding the Holy City, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.
Tarek Mitri, IPS board of directors chairman, said that Jerusalem is deeply etched in hearts of millions of Palestinian and Arab peoples stressing their “unbreakable bond” to the city.
For Taher Kanaan, ACRPS board of directors chairman, the centre’s role is vital in supporting rational thinking and scientific research, dubbing it as a “meeting place for all Arab researchers and intellectuals”.
Titled “Jerusalem: Realities, Confrontation Possibilities”, the conference sheds lights on multiple issues involving Jerusalem politically, legally and demographically, covering social movements and contemporary changes, Petra reported.
The conference, according to Petra, also covered the continued Israeli violations as Israel — which controls 87 per cent of the city’s eastern part — is waging a “demographic war” by Judaising the eastern part of the city.
The meeting also focused on Israel’s dismantling of the city’s urban and social fabric by building illegal settlements and isolating it from the West Bank by using a separation wall.
On its first day, the conference held four sessions introduced by top researchers discussing American policies towards Jerusalem, Jerusalem in international law, European policies, the city itself and settlements, in addition to the international media’s coverage of the city.
Jordan Times : Jun 16, 2017
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