Seminar on Role of Youth in Political Reform Held at UJ
Monday, June 06, 2022 
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A seminar was organized on Sunday at the University of Jordan (UJ) by the Centre for Strategic Studies (CSS) in cooperation with the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD), titled: “Youth, Independence and Advancement."

A comprehensive political and economic reform process requires a clear vision, said Former Prime Minister Omar Razzaz during the seminar.

In a discussion about democracy, the former prime minister said that there is no agreed definition for it and each country has its own specific ways to describe the system of government.

He noted that “a strong nation is a prerequisite for the success of a democratic transition”, defining a “strong nation” as one that has laws and institutions that translate those laws into reality.

Razzaz highlighted that “youth participation in recent elections and municipal councils has convinced me that we have youth that are very much aware and have a development-oriented vision”.

UJ President Prof. Nathir Obeidat said that the theme of the seminar helped create “a paradigm shift”, as it highlighted topics of great importance.

"The advancement we are talking about today is the one that preserves our history, values and norms; it is the advancement that develops reforms that help build a society capable of thriving,” Obeidat said.

Young people are the “driving force of progress and development”, therefore, it is necessary to empower them through increasing their “social efficiency, moral clarity and cognitive aptitude”, he added.

Discussing the concept of independence, CSS Director Prof. Zaid Eyadat noted that, “Independence is a value ahead of everything. It is work and effort, and a historical necessity for achieving advancement and contributing to the path of human progress.”

 “Without supporting youth to modernise the political system, we will not be able to properly pass the next phase,” Raed Adwan, representative of the Independent Election Commission said during the seminar.

Additionally, Secretary General of the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs Ali Khawaldeh emphasized youth’s “vital role” in building the nation and its future.

The event included three dialogue sessions which focused on youth’s role in modernizing the political and economic processes, in addition to the challenges they face.
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