UJ Clarifies: Abu Ghaush's Registration has not been Cancelled
Thursday, December 29, 2016 
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The University of Jordan (UJ) would like to clarify certain points regarding the Olympic gold medallist Ahmad Abu Ghaush's claim that the University has cancelled his registration for the semester.
UJ has not canceled Abu Ghaush's registration, despite the fact that he has exceeded his allowed absences.
Students at UJ are allowed to miss up to 15 % of their classes. Students officially representing the University in any extracurricular activity can miss up to 20 % of classes each semester.
Students representing Jordan abroad are allowed to miss up to 25% of their classes.
The Deanship of the Faculty of Physical Education stated that Abu Ghaush is registered for 15 credit hours this semester and hardly attended his classes and didn't take his examinations.
According to regulations, students who exceed absence limits are not allowed to sit for the final exam.
Director of Admission and Registration Unit, Prof. Mohammed Shraideh said Abu Ghaush was not listed by the faculty among those who are not allowed to sit for the final exam.
Abu Ghaush, who has so far passed six credit hours, is unlikely to pass the final exams because he barely attended any classes through the semester, so his best option was to drop the semester and retake the courses in the next semester.
Dropping the semester will not affect Abu Ghaush's grades, in the contrary it will help him continue with his study, as it would be as if he did not register for classes during that semester.
The Olympic gold medallist has been granted a full scholarship in recognition of his recent win in Rio.
UJ confirms that it will continue to support, acknowledge, and encourage its achievers and talented students.
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