Abu Sarsak Elected President of UJ Students' Union
Tuesday, May 08, 2018 
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The elections of the executive committee of the University of Jordan (UJ) Students' Union took place on Monday and ended with electing Majd Mohammed Abu Sarsak as President of the union.


Prof. Omar Kafawin, UJ Vice President and head of the higher elections committee announced the election results.


Abu Sarsak won the Presidency of the Union and Zaid Samir Al-Khateeb the Vice-President seat with 58 votes each.


Other positions were won by acclamation:


Malik al-Nubani


Abdullah Al-Taqtaq


Head of Finance Committee
Ahmed Al-Baghdadi


Head of Volunteer Work and Community Service Committee
Issa Mohammad

Head of Student Activities Committee
Munther Abu Gharer


Head of Student Affairs Committee
Esraa Almaslouki


Head of Public and External Relations Committee
Muntaser Rah'al

Head of Research and Academic Affairs Committee
Areej Atef

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