UJ Students Remember Martyrs of Amman Bombings
Monday, November 12, 2018 
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Hundreds of UJ students and the President gathered in front of the university administration building to commemorate the martyrs of Amman bombings as Jordan marks the incident’s 13 anniversary.

The event began with the reading of Surat al-Fatihah and praying for the victims who died in the horrific bombings back in 2005.

Al Qudah praised the initiative of the students to commemorate this painful anniversary, and stressed that this incident will only strengthen the will of the students of the university to remain coherent and fight evil.

A documentary was shown that explained the state of terror people went through as well as the destruction of the buildings of the three hotels and recordings of witnesses were in the places of bombings at the moment of occurrence.

A group of extremists committed terrorist attacks on three hotels in Amman on November 9, 2005, killing 60 innocent people and injuring 200.

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