Toward a Quantum Leap in Education at UJ
Tuesday, December 27, 2016 
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UJ Deans’ Council recently passed a number of decisions aimed at empowering students with knowledge and skills required to respond to current developments and the needs of the labor market and the society.
The decisions include the introduction of a new package of mandatory courses for all incoming students and the adoption of the blended learning approach.
According to a statement by UJ President, Prof. Azmi Mahafzah, the new package and learning approach will enable the university to move beyond a culture of traditional education to a culture of learning through modern components and tools.
He added, the aim is to provide a solid foundation for students to build their character taking into account the changing world that we live in, and build a modern and positive generation who is committed to its homeland, proud of its culture, and open to the cultures of others.
He continued, we are striving towards a new model of education that suits the current times and we are working to provide a vigorous campus environment that embraces entrepreneurship and creativity to enable our graduates to compete nationally, regionally and globally.
The new package promises a leap in student performance, and will enable students to play a proactive role in learning, and equip them with self-learning skills and the ability to investigate, think, analyze, and solve problems.
The new package has three key dimensions: practical, intellectual and affective, each of them has two levels; elementary and advanced.
The package includes courses like learning and research, critical thinking, communication, teamwork, information-management, appreciation of arts and music, great books, Islam and the modern world, human civilization, the culture of law, key environmental issues, Arab-Islamic civilization, health, innovation and entrepreneurship.
Regarding the blended learning approach, UJ has made all necessary preparations to start implementing it as of next semester.
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