UJ Social Sciences Journal Rises in Global Database Ranking
Tuesday, June 30, 2020 
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The journal “Dirasat: Human and Social Sciences”, published by the University of Jordan (UJ), has risen in rank to the third quartile (Q3) of the global journal database Scopus.


In the category, “General Social Sciences”, the UJ-published journal received a CiteScore rank of 234 out of the 249 in the field in 2019, according to the database, which also shows that the percentage of citations for the journal compared to its peers in the same field increased to 0.14.


The database comprises four quartiles, and Q3 indicates that the journal is in the top 50-75 per cent of journals in its fields.


Dean of Scientific Research at UJ Radwan Al Weshah issued a press statement, in which he said: “The deanship works on improving in all global rankings through a set of measures to reach the level of international universities.”


The Dirasat journal in 2019 published over 200 research papers, with an acceptance rate of 20 per cent, he said, noting that this is “all part of the accumulating work to implement the university’s research strategies”.


The professor noted that UJ “works continuously” to improve the rankings of the Dirasat journal and its other journals, as well as to attract researchers from different parts of the world with the aim of entering more journals in the Scopus global database.


The university’s strategy focuses on garnering support to practical and productive research related to national priorities, which stimulate the economy, improve global competitiveness and contribute to the fields of renewable energy, water and others, Weshah said, noting that this “reflects well” on improving the status of journals in different global ranking databases.


Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature including scientific journals, books and conference proceedings, according to the database’s website.


The various UJ Dirasat journals can be accessed through the official portal http://dirasat.ju.edu.jo/.

Jordan Times: June 27, 2020
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