Al Qudah: UJ's Solar Energy Project is 80% complete
Tuesday, December 15, 2020 
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The University of Jordan (UJ) President, Prof. Abdul Karim Al-Qudah, stated that 80% of UJ's solar energy project has been accomplished.

He pointed out in a press statement that the project is to generate 16 megawatt (MW) of electricity annually, covering the annual university and hospital's power demand and electricity bills amounting at eight million dinars.

According to his statement, King Abdullah II School for Information Technology and the School of Rehabilitation Sciences are now fully operated on solar energy.

The project, which is expected to be finished in the coming months, is implemented on campus over three zones, two of which to cover the buildings’ rooftops over two geographical areas with a capacity of 6 MW each, while the third zone is to be established at the parking lots with a capacity of 4 MW, comprising the 16 MW total demand.

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