Higher Education Ministry Announces Scholarship Beneficiaries
Sunday, January 08, 2017 
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Higher Education Minister Adel Tweisi on Thursday said the ministry has received 42,780 applications from students to benefit from scholarships and loans for the 2016-2017 scholastic year.
At a press conference to announce preliminary results of the support, Tweisi said that the ministry rejected 3,955 applications for lacking the necessary documents or violating regulations, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.
The ministry also temporarily halted 471 applications for not meeting the set terms, making the number of processed applications 38,354, the minister added.
A total of 643 students will benefit from full scholarships through the Royal Court, while the Kingdom’s top achievers in the General Secondary Education Certificate Examination (Tawjihi) will receive 65 full scholarships.
Top Tawjihi achievers at the district level earned 294 scholarships, and 30 students will benefit from the HRH Princess Muna scholarship for those seeking to pursue a major in nursing, according to Tweisi.
Students in poverty pockets received 65 full scholarships, while 363 scholarships were granted to students from the central and northern regions who are studying at the southern region’s Al Hussein Bin Talal University and Tafileh Technical University.
The Muath Kasasbeh Fund (launched by the Association of Banks in Jordan) has offered 27 scholarships, Tweisi added.
He said that students can visit the website of the scholarship directorate www.dsamohe.gov.jo to check on the preliminary results, and if they want to contest the decisions, they can do it electronically between Thursday and Saturday, January 14.
Contesting students have to present the necessary documents to the cultural adviser office at the university they study at within the same period.
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