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Eighty eight percent of students goes on to academic education - Higher Education Minister
The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Amin Mahmoud said 88 percent of students in Jordan go for academic education.

This came during a forum entitled “Higher Education Reform Policies" opened Saturday at the Dead Sea and organized by the parliamentary initiative in partnership with the University of Jordan.

Mahmoud also said that 47 to 55 percent of students in European countries turn to technical and vocational education.

The minister called for finding a mechanism to gradually reduce the percentage of students enrolled in humanities studies and encourage vocational education.

He added that Private universities focus on humanities education due to lower costs.

Mahmoud displayed challenges facing higher education, especially university violence which affects the march and the reputation of Jordanian universities among its peers in the Arab countries.

President of the University of Jordan, Prof. Ekhleif Tarawneh called for the establishment of a new phase for higher education in Jordan; a phase that would restore the status of higher education in the Kingdome.

Tarawneh added that the confusion in making administrative decisions and ambiguity about the study plans and educational programs weaken the organizational structure of universities, and create confusion and overlapping jurisdictions.

The deputy chairman of the initiative, head of Al-Wasat Islamic Party in the House of Representatives, MP Mustafa Amawi said higher education in Jordan is going through a crisis, pointing out that the flaw exists in the pre-Higher Education phase.

Member of the initiative, Chairman of the Committee on Rules and Conduct, MP Wafa Bani Mustafa referred to the need to connect the output of higher education with the local and regional markets so that graduates can find job opportunities that would contribute to the growth of the Jordanian economy and increase the chances of achieving sustainable development in the Kingdom.

The coordinator of the initiative, MP Dr. Mustafa Hamarneh said the initiative is a historic opportunity to come out with tangible proposals that can be transferred into policies in order to make a radical reform in higher education; a key aspect in the economic and social development.

Hamarneh added that the House will support the agreed upon proposals for the development of higher education.

Hamarneh also hoped to come out with recommendations for the advancement of the higher education sector, stressing that it will be presented to experts and specialists in higher education before approval.