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Sixth Arab Conference for Talent and Excellence Researches Opens
The Sixth Conference for Talent and Excellence Researches opened at the University of Jordan (UJ) on Tuesday, August 1, under the patronage of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Prof. Adel Tweissi.
Held under the theme (Education: Thinking  ... Creativity  ... Skills), the annual conference is organized by the International Youth Organization for Environment and Development (IYOED) in cooperation with UJ.
The conference aims at conferring and realizing the significance and benefits of education based on thinking, creativity and skills.
During his inauguration Speech, Tweissi revealed that the Ministry has initiated the process of turning its Scientific Research Fund into Creativity and Innovation Fund, with an aim to direct fund towards supporting creativity and innovation.
Dr. Marwan Kamal, Chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the Conference and Chairman of Royal Commission on Education, said the conference is a step forward in upgrading our teaching strategies.

Kamal added that keeping up with the advances in the communications and information technologies is essential in creating an educational system that would achieve a quantum leap in the quality of education in our schools and universities.
UJ President Prof. Azmi Mahafzah in his remarks spoke about the University's vision and strategy to support and enhance academic innovation and excellence, and move beyond the culture of traditional education to a culture of learning through modern components and tools.
Mahafzah also referred to UJ's latest decisions to introduce a new package of mandatory courses for students and to adopt a blended learning approach at the university.
Dr. Adnan Al-Tobasi, IYOED President, said the main themes of the conference are concerned with the concepts of excellence, creativity, and innovation. According to him, 17 papers will be discussed at the conference.
The two-day conference will be attended by experts and scholars from Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Algeria, Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar, Germany and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
The opening ceremony was attended by the Chairman of UJ's Board of Trustees, Prof. Adnan Badran, Vice-Presidents, and a number of government officials.