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UJ Students Showcase Talent, Impress Visitors at 2nd ADW

Artistic creations of eleven University of Jordan (UJ) arts and design students have stunned the visitors of the 2nd Amman Design Week (ADW) which was held with the support of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah under the theme "Design Moves Life Moves Design.


The 11 incredible creations have gone on display at the Student Exhibition at Ras El Ain gallery in the heart of downtown Amman from 6-14 October 2017.


The astonishing designs have wowed visitors with their craftsmanship and mastery while using simple and natural materials.


Dr. Haifa Bani Ismael, the student's supervisor, said that the pieces were originally created as part of an applied course and within a recycling project on campus.


In their designs, the students introduced recycled materials such as wood, iron and plastic collected from around the campus. 
According to Bani Ismael, the students were involved in a special program and worked with professional designers for six months in preparation for their participation in the event.


Rasha Yaseen is one of the designer students, who are interested in creating home furniture accessories from recycling products. Her designs reflect the Jordanian culture in modern ways.


Inspired by natural materials and geometric forms, Linda kherfan designed a lamp that marries elements of brass and concrete, contrasted by warm light projected from the lamp.


Munther Hussien, in turn, created a chair that maintains its structure without screws, using wood and metal in a way that all pieces flow tighter seamlessly.


Taking her inspiration from the changing color of fish in the sea, Dana Sadeddin designed a cabinet on which she translated color transformations of fish and coral. Amazingly, the cabinet changes colors every time its door opens.


Lubna Al-Mousa worked with a colleague who is an architecture student abroad to create three interacting necklaces inspired by Jordan's culture and heritage. Each necklace reflects a different element of history or experience.


Leen Sa'ade was inspired by the Islamic calligraphy, kufic script, arabesque form, and modern art. She created an octagon-shaped table made of HMR wood.


Hala Hammad designed dresses which are inspired by a memory of lost pieces of clothing during regional wars in the 1950s.


Whereas Hala Al Zoubidi created fashion pieces inspired by the fluidity of form and elegance of the Black Iris, Jordan's national flower.


Inspired by the spring in Jordan, Lamees Ghazalllah designed a dress that combines traditional 60s style and modern day formal gowns.


In her designs, Safya Al Barghouthy was inspired by the 'Veiled Lady' mushroom. She experimented with patterns and textures found in natural landscapes to find harmony between nature and fashion.


Hiba Mubaideen's interest in restoring aged mosaic landscapes inspired her to redesign vintage coat, depicting mosaic imagery of old cultural sites.   


"Amman Design Week is an immersive annual experience that stimulates designers through the convergence of culture and ideas," Bani Ismael said, "it's also an important platform for students to establish relationships with professionals and experts with real-world experience in the field," she added.


According to the organizers, ADW 2017 celebrates the creative power that is generated when people mobilize, collaborate, communicate, and exchange knowledge, skills, and inspiration.