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6th International Conference on "Trade and Inclusive Economic Growth" Opens

The Sixth International Conference on "Trade and Inclusive Economic Growth" opened at the University of Jordan (UJ) on Tuesday with an aim at increasing trade and development opportunities for the developing countries and support their integration into the world economy.


The conference is organized by the World Trade Organization Chair Programme (WCP) and the School of Business at the University.


The event offers an opportunity to examine the latest on contemporary economic issues, including international trade policies, investment, aid, inclusive economic growth and its implication to development and poverty.


Addressing delegates at the conference, UJ President Prof. Azmi Mahafzah said that trade sector is of great importance in the economic activity of any state and reflects its economic status. He also pointed out that international trade has become one of the main economic pillars and a key source of national income.


In his opening address, Dean of the School of Business Prof. Rifaat Shunnaq commended collaboration with the World Trade Organization (WTO), urging student and scholars at the School to seize this opportunity and gain maximum benefit from the conference programme.


In turn, Prof. Taleb Awad, Chairman of the WTO Programme, stressed the importance of the conference as a platform to address key economic issues, particularly as the Arab world is facing a set of economic challenges.


Awad added that the conference highlights international trade issues and policies in the region and their relation to sustainable development and the phenomenon of comprehensive growth, and also seeks to propose solutions and strategies that are suitable for the emerging regional conditions.


The 3-day conference is attended by experts, specialists and academics from Iraq, Algeria, Libya, South Korea and Switzerland, and Jordan.


The participants will also have the opportunity to attend a WTO Workshop, where experts from WTO will present WTO’s view on the link between trade and inclusive economic growth. The objectives of the workshop are to enhance knowledge of development issues and policies being evolved under the multilateral trading system, and to better understanding the relation between trade and inclusive economic growth.