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8th Scientific Research Conference Inaugurated
Under the patronage of the President of the Senate Faisal Al Fayez, the activities of the 8th Scientific Research Conference opened at the University of Jordan (UJ) on Saturday.
The Conference is organized by the Jordan Society for Scientific Research, in cooperation with the University of Jordan (UJ).
In his remarks, Fayez stressed the importance of supporting scientific research to guarantee development and resilience in the face of challenges.
“The strength and development of countries in various areas depends primarily on strategic planning, which is based on organized scientific research," he said.
UJ President Azmi Mahafzah highlighted the importance of collaboration between Jordanian and Arab students from the region in conducting scientific research.
Mahafzah stressed that the conference reflects UJ's vision towards academic excellence, and aligns with its goals of delivering knowledge-producing research.
Head of the Jordanian Scientific Research Society, Dr. Anwar al-Batikhi, presented a roadmap for progress and development.
Al-Batikhi called for the need to produce - not import- technology, and to promote vocational and technical education.
The Conference, which is one of the largest scientific events in Jordan, is attended by over 100 scientists and scholars from all over the Arab world, and structured around 7 themes and 14 sessions.
The Conference focuses on a number of emerging fields, including nanotechnology and its applications and role in finding innovative solutions in industry, organic agriculture as a sustainable and clean agricultural system, and renewable energy, as well as quality of education and nutrition in Jordan.