The University of Jordan News
UJ is One of the Best Universities Major Wise
According to the Shanghai Ranking, the University of Jordan attained a high rating among the best ranking universities in two majors.
The Shanghai Ranking: Global Ranking of Academic Subjects is considered the most important and impactful ranking in the world and the University of Jordan excelled in the School of Dentistry and the School of Nursing according to it.

The results showed the University amongst the top 200 universities in the world in the School of Nursing with its position as 151/200, and among the best 300 universities in the School of Dentistry with a position as 201/300.

 And the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Center in the University explained that this ranking is based on five criteria: amount of published research for the University in a major in Web of Science, amount of scientific research published for the University in the most influential magazines pertaining to the major, amount of citations a research has in a major compared with the amount of global citations of a major that will be ranked,  international cooperation of the University in the field of research with scholars from international universities in the same major, and lastly, the amount of international prizes the academic scholars attained the ranked major.

The School of Nursery attained an international American accreditation from the Higher Education Accreditation in Nursery after achieving international standards. The School Of Dentistry attained international accreditation from the European Board for teaching Dentistry.
The Accreditation and Quality Assurance Center stated that the University's vision is for most of its majors to attain a global ranking; in the QS global ranking that was announced a few months back, the University of Jordan excelled also in The School of Medicine, the School of Pharmacy, School of Mechanical Engineering and the department of Computer Science and Computer Information Science.
The University of Jordan achieved in the last QS ranking an advanced position; it was the 601/650 best universities, and it attained the 404th position in Academic Reputation and the 251st position for the reputation of its graduates.