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Conference on “Scholars' Role in the Enhancement of Values of Comprehensive Security” to Open at UJ Wednesday
Next Wednesday the University of Jordan (UJ) will host the second conference held by the Jordan Islamic Scholars League and the School of Sharia, entitled “Scholars' Role in the Enhancement of Values of Comprehensive Security”, with the participation of politicians, academics, journalists, and specialists.

Dr. Bassam Al-Amoush, President of Jordan Islamic Scholars League and President of the Conference, stressed in his press statements that the responsibility for achieving security rests with everyone; "it is a collective responsibility," he said. "All efforts and means must be gathered in order to establish its foundations". 
He also highlighted the role that Jordanian scholars can play in supporting Jordan's national security, by taking it upon themselves to shoulder that responsibility.
Al-Amoush said Jordan is in the midst of a conflict-ridden region and we should be aware of the danger that surrounds it.
Consequently, it is a necessity for the Jordanian scholars to stand by their role through the vocation of wisdom and guidance. He also pointed out the diversity of the participants of the conference; a distinguished group of religious scholars, politicians, educators, security experts, economists, lawmakers and media professionals gathers to discuss their ideas. He stated that the ideas presented would address issues that may be a reason for the unsettling of internal security in Jordan, whether they are political, ideological, social, or religious, in hopes to find effective solutions.

Al-Amoush concluded by affirming that the results and recommendations reached by the conference will be presented to the government. The league will also print the conference’s papers in order for them to be an executive historical document. 

It is worth noting that a number of former heads of government and ministers will participate in the meetings of the conference including Abdul Raouf Al Rawabdeh, Taher Al Masri, Dr. Ibrahim Al Jazi, Dr. Jawad Al Anani.