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Conference on "Scholars' Role in the Enhancement of Values of Comprehensive Security" Opens

The events for the second conference held by the Jordan Islamic Scholars League and the School of Sharia began at UJ, entitled “Scholars' Role in the Enhancement of Values of Comprehensive Security”. Political experts, academics, and journalists were present at the conference.

The conference, which will last for two days, aims to outline the role of the scholars in reinforcing the role of comprehensive security on all its levels, to support the security situation in the Jordanian society, to present ideas and suggestions in order to contribute in the foresight of a bright and safe future for Jordan and its members.

The conference’s host, the president of UJ Prof. Abdelkarim Alqudah, said during his speech that intellectual security is the pole for the state and community’s comprehensive security. He noted that the advancements in telecommunication and social media have increased intellectual influences. He added that UJ is aware that security is the base for social, political and economic structure. It is also a joint responsibility for all sectors and institutions.          

Alqudah praised the League’s role in spreading moderate thought, knowledge, and ethical work in order to realize what is best for the country. He also praised the School of Sharia, which always adopted national projects that establish strategies to enhance the concept of comprehensive security. 

Director of Public Security Major General Fadel Al-Hmoud said that the conference is considered one of the ways to stand united around the Hashemite leadership to preserve the country, its potential, advancement and stability. He also noted that the Public Security Directorate is considered an important pillar in the Jordanian security system; it always seeks, under the guidance of His Majesty King Abdullah II, to keep up to date with the advancements, to modernize its services and to reach out to the people. He added the Directorate is moving forward to overcome the traditional concept for security through seeking to build a modern security system, pointing to the goals of the Directorate from fighting crime, achieving the concept of comprehensive security, protecting society, and other lesions that are meant to disrupt the nation’s security.

President of the Jordan Islamic Scholars League Dr.Bassam Alamoush assured the League since its foundation in 2010 aimed, under the guidance of elite sharia scholars in Jordan, to preach and to moderate and reject extremism and to clarify Islamic thought that is derived from the Quran.  He added that this conference come to invest the efforts of the scholars in facing any external or internal defect that is aimed to destabilize the community’s security.

The School of Sharia’s Dean Prof. Adnan Al Assaf said that the sharia scholars’ future role is quite important in spreading awareness and to raise righteous generations; adding that studies have shown that graduates of this School are the farthest from extremism and terrorism which asserts that Sharia schools are the safety valve that protects the society.