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Conference on Updates in Infectious Diseases and Antibiotics Resistance Held at UJ

The Center for Infectious Disease and Vaccines at the University of Jordan (UJ) on Wednesday organized a conference titled "Updates in Infectious Diseases and Antibiotics Resistance in Jordan".

During the conference, scientists, researchers and doctors unanimously agreed that antibiotics are a double-edged sword. They pointed to the fact that many countries around the world, including Jordan, misuse antibiotics, stressing that their superfluous use may lead to a medical disaster.

In the opening ceremony, the Vice President of the Scientific Schools Prof. Zaid Baqain in his speech on behalf of the President of the University, said “we live in an age where the world has become a small village, where moving from country to another is the norm, this also applies for infectious Diseases”.

Baqain emphasized that the crisis of antibiotic resistance and the spread of diseases threatens to shatter medical achievements and international economy. He also pointed to the importance of holding such conferences to face such challenges that endanger the society and the health of individuals.

For his part, the Director of the Center for Infectious Disease and Vaccines, President of the Conference, Dr. Fares Bakri, said the main aspects of the Conference included updates in antibiotic resistance and forms of Tuberculosis, program of vaccines in Jordan, and common diseases between humans and animals. He added that the Center is keen to turn the Conference into a platform to explore the different specialties that are concerned with the field of Infectious Diseases, such as: human medicine, pharmacy and agriculture, biological sciences and infection control.

The participants discussed in their research papers a number of topics that focused on different diseases, including Tuberculosis and its status in Jordan, Bovine tuberculosis, the role of beneficial bacteria in the treatment of diseases, national plan of Jordan to combat resistance to antibiotics, anthrax, poliomyelitis in Jordan and the national vaccination program.