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Patrick Blessinger, Enakshi Sengupta and Taisir Subhi YaminCreative learning as a renewable resource09/09/2019
William Patrick Leonard ​​​In the digital age, the heart of the university expands15/07/2019
Professor Ahmad Y. MajdoubehUJ’s timely fundraising campaign17/03/2019
Ammar FarisU. of Jordan Opens a ‘Safe Pathway’ for Blind Students07/02/2019
Afaf A. KhoshmanTo Teach Students to Learn, Teach Philosophy02/01/2019
Suha Alsubaihi/ UJ NewsletterAiming at International Accreditation02/01/2019
Suha Alsubeihi/ UJ NewsletterThe University of Jordan Turns 5602/12/2018
Ammar FarisInvention Could Ease Jordan’s Water-Scarcity Problem28/06/2018
Suha Alsubeihi / UJ NewsletterA Flurry of Multicultural Activities at UJ as Spring Arrives31/05/2018
THE CONVERSATIONFive ways artificial intelligence will shape the future of universities31/05/2018
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