Yojana Sharma
How do you prepare students for an unknowable future?
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The worldwide debate about the impact of disruptive technologies on jobs and the need to prepare future-ready graduates for a future that is not even clear, was a major topic for university leaders from Europe and Asia meeting in Singapore last week.

“So much talk about the impact of artificial intelligence, quantum computing and the internet of everything is turning education upside down,” said Jørgen Ørstrom Møller, adjunct professor at Singapore Management University and Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, in a specially commissioned paper for the Asia-Europe Foundation or ASEF Rectors’ Conference which took place in Singapore on 12-13 October.
“Embarrassingly little” is known about the jobs of the future, says Møller. But even without taking into account future developments, education and research are already “out of tune” with the demand for skills, he notes.
“Technology opens many windows, but human skills determine how they are used,” he said in his paper for the ASEF conference hosted by Singapore Management University or SMU, which brought together more than 200 university leaders, higher education experts, government officials, student leaders and business representatives from Europe and Asia around the theme of “Future-ready Universities and Graduates: Quality education beyond the horizon”....More at University World News
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