The Islamic Cultural Center at The University of Jordan is organizing a day for International Students from Muslim Nations, on June 18, 2014. This day emphasizes cultural exchange and strengthens the relationship between the students and the center. The day includes presentations by students on the different traditions of the Islamic nations.
The day is held under the patronage of UJ President Professor Ekhleif Tarwneh. The events include a seminar, open cultural dialogue, competition and awards and lunch.
6/15/2014 11:49 AMEmad Fares
On June 19, 2014, The University of Jordan will honor the graduating class of 2014 at the University’s 49th Commencement Exercises.
Students will celebrate their academic accomplishments in the presence of their faculty members, peers and families. The events will be conducted at the University's stadium at 6:30 starting from June 19 to
6:30 pm6/15/2014 11:51 AMEmad Fares
The Faculty of Medicine is organizing a celebration for its 2013-2014 graduates and the Alumni Reunion and will also be honoring its distinguished students who have demonstrated excellent academic performance. This year, the faculty is hosting the Alumni Reunion for the Class of 1989; a tradition which continued for 11 years.
The events will start with speeches by UJ President and distinguished graduates as well as a slideshow of the pictures of the top students. Gifts from the sponsors of the event will be presented to the top students and the guests.
6/15/2014 11:52 AMEmad Fares
The Islamic Finance and Banking Department at the Faculty of Sharia organizes the First International Conference for Islamic Finance and Banking on 3-4 August, 2014.
The conference sheds light on the significance of Islamic banking which has noticeably developed over the past few years. Although Islamic banking is a relatively new field, yet it has achieved great success which encouraged traditional banks to turn to Islamic banking systems. The conference also addresses the challenges facing Islamic banks regarding central banks, trust funds and capital adequacy.
6/15/2014 11:53 AMEmad Fares
"Dentistry: A Multidisciplinary Approach"
from 12/6/2014 to 13/6/2014
6/16/2014 1:52 PMEmad Fares

8:00 am8/7/2014 8:44 AMEmad Fares

The University of Jordan honors the Minister of Higher Education of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia H.E. Dr. Khalid ibn Mohammad Al Ankary with an honorary doctorate in Educational Management on Thursday 14 August 2014.

The honoring is due to His Excellency’s contributions to the promotion of mutual relations between Jordan and Saudi Arabia in the fields of higher education.
8/11/2014 12:38 PMsuha alsubeihi

The conference is organized at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology by the Traffic and Highways Committee / Civil Engineering Division, Jordan Engineers Association, on Wednesday 15 October 2014.

8/11/2014 12:40 PMsuha alsubeihi

The Jordan University Hospital (JUH) holds the first conference for medical specialists graduate on 2 to 4 April, 2015.


This conference will be held in the light of JUH’s vision of enhancing the communication with specialists who received their training at JUH, as well as to enrich the national health sector with those distinguished professional competencies.


It also aims at strengthening the cooperation with them at the scientific, professional and social levels, opening new horizons for collaboration in coordination with the “Association of Jordan University Hospital Friends”.

9/14/2014 8:47 AMsuha alsubeihi
The Faculty of Engineering and Technology and the Jordan Engineers Association host "The Seventh Jordanian International Mining Conference" 21-23 October, 2014.
9/14/2014 9:54 AMEmad Fares
The purpose of this conference is to review the current status of marine ecosystems in the Arab world, and promote a more efficient and broader collaboration between policy makers and stakeholder in the Arab world.   The conference will also reach out to the international research community to establish new channels of collaborations.
9/14/2014 9:55 AMEmad Fares
Under the patronage of her Royal Highness Princess Muna Al-Hussein, Jordan University Hospital holds its 1st Nursing Conference titled “Recent Advances in Nursing Care” on Tuesday, 28th of October 2014, presented by The Department of Nursing in JUH.
This conference will be held in the light of JUH vision of developing nursing services at the national level generally and JUH specifically, as well as improving nursing profession to provide better nursing practices and health care for patients. This conference aims at reinforcing and implementing nursing health care policies and procedures followed by hospitals in Jordan.  It also seeks to improve the status of nursing profession, nurses’ performance, and the exchange of nurses’ knowledge and experience. In addition, it presents recent research findings in the field of nursing and encourages nurses to conduct scientific research about the problems and obstacles that face nursing care sector.
This conference, which will start with a welcoming ceremony, will include five scientific sessions about clinical nursing, scientific research, and the quality of nursing care sector.
It is worth mentioning that all health care institutions in Jordan will participate in JUH First Nursing Conference, including The Nursing Faculty in the University of Jordan, The Jordanian Royal Medical Services, Ministry of Health, Jordan Nurses & Midwives Council, Jordanian Nursing Council, King Abdullah University Hospital, nursing faculties in other Jordanian universities, and private hospitals.
10/12/2014 10:07 AMEmad Fares
Faculty of Physical Education at the University of Jordan in collaboration with the Institute of Sport Science - Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg and The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) organize The International Conference of Sport Science "Challenge of Change"  (ICSSCC).
The conference, which focuses on current issues on various fields of sports and physical education, aims to bring together leading scientists, scholars, researchers, experts and leaders from around the world to share ideas, knowledge, expertise and research results in sports sciences and physical education.
10/12/2014 10:09 AMEmad Fares
The Security Studies Center will hold the International Forum on Security and Nonproliferation from 12 to 13 Nov. 2014.
11/11/2014 10:19 AMEmad Fares
The Music Department in the Faculty of Arts and Design will hold a conference titled " Arab Music: Towards Universality" from 16 to 18 Dec. 2014.
11/11/2014 10:20 AMEmad Fares
Jordan Sixth International Conference on Civil Engineering
11/11/2014 10:20 AMEmad Fares
12/9/2014 10:33 AMsuha alsubeihi
First Alumni Forum   5-8/6/2015
1/19/2015 10:31 AMsuha alsubeihi
Second International Conference for Teaching Arabic - "The Role of  Language Skills in Language Teaching" -  Language Center.
1/19/2015 10:35 AMsuha alsubeihi

1/26/2015 12:03 PMsuha alsubeihi
First Alumni Forum at The University of Jordan will be taking place in June 2015.


2/24/2015 1:35 PMsuha alsubeihi

The Conference will be held on Sunday 31 May 2015, under the patronage of the Minister of Health.


Place: Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences.


4/8/2015 11:32 AMsuha alsubeihi
According to the Royal Request of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein to establish an international triennial conference on the Nabataean culture, and in the spirit of the bilateral academic agreement between the University of Jordan and Brigham Young University, it is a pleasure to announce that the BYU agrees to host with the University of Jordan the Second International Conference on the Nabataean Culture which will be held in Provo, Utah, USA on Wednesday through Saturday , May 6th – 9th, 2015.

4/8/2015 3:06 PMsuha alsubeihi

The Second International Conference on Islamic Banking and Finance will be held during the period  29-30 July 2015 at the Faculty of Shari'a.

4/13/2015 10:13 AMsuha alsubeihi
On June 9-16, the University of Jordan (UJ) will celebrate the graduation  of its 50th batch.
Seven thousand students will receive their degree certificates in special ceremonies.
6/8/2015 10:20 AMsuha alsubeihi
6/22/2015 9:40 AMsuha alsubeihi
 “The Role of Civil Society Institutions in the Development of the National Economy”
November 11, 2015
Faculty of Management and Finance 
The University of Jordan - Aqaba


7/7/2015 10:58 AMsuha alsubeihi
11-12 May 2016

Organized by the University of Jordan in collaboration with Zarqa University




Supported by the Scientific Research Support Fund

11/23/2015 2:10 PMsuha alsubeihi

The 2nd International Conference on E-Publishing : 2nd ICEPUB16

Electronic Publishing over Cloud and Mobile Technologies


26-28 / 7/ 2016



The main theme of the 2nd International Conference on Electronic Publishing is on “E-publishing over Cloud and Mobile Technologies”. The conference aims at bringing together researchers, academic scientists to share their experiences and discuss the most recent trends and challenges in the field of E-publishing along with their implications for academic publishing, information services, e-learning and other areas. The conference aims to promote academic and scientific E-publishing, and raise the level of scientific research in the context of Cloud and Mobile technologies.

12/14/2015 10:17 AMsuha alsubeihi

The Fourth International Conference on  Sustainability and Excellence Performance in Organizations  Under Uncertain Environment

19-21 April 2016


The University of Jordan

2/2/2016 2:35 PMsuha alsubeihi
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