Claudia Invernizzi
Tuesday, May 7, 2019
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I am an Italian student studying Arabic at university of Jordan for three years now, and I have come here to improve my skills and vocabulary in this language. What a beautiful experience! The university provides nine courses depending on the level of the student, which is determined by a placement test giving the student also the possibility to change it according to his or her needs.
The lessons are really interesting and give the student the possibility to learn the vocabulary through texts, videos, and interactive exercises! If you need any help or extra exercises because of a difficult topic, professors are there to help you!
If you need any information you can also ask the international student advisor who will be glad to help you too!
Moreover, the university offers you many activities to take part in: trips in the most important places in Jordan, like Petra, Wadi Rum and Dead sea at a quite low prices!
Last but not at least, the student will have the possibility to experience directly the Arabic culture and Arabic spoken language through cultural clubs and the possibility to have a language partner, who will allow you to practice pronunciation and spoken Arabic! I really recommend this experience!
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