Park Byoungju
Monday, July 15, 2019
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My name is Park Byoungju. I have lived in Amman for 4 years with my family. My job is teaching Korean literature and Korean Culture in the Korean-English Section in the department of Asian Languages at the Faculty of Foreign Languages.
From the first time I arrived here, I have enjoyed my life in Amman.  Amman has wonderful skyline and the people who are under the sky are kind to foreigners like myself. That’s why I love Amman. But most of all, I love my classes where I can communicate with my students on a regular basis. Of course I teach Korean literature and culture to my students in my classes, but at the same time, I learn many distinguish cultures of Jordan from my students. Jordanian culture is very different from Korean, so my students explain those things to me and it help me a lot to understand Jordanian society. I would like to thank the students of the University of Jordan who are always active in the classroom and help broaden both our horizons.
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