UJ Aqaba, Pioneers Academy Conclude Cooperation Agreement
Sunday, May 24, 2015 
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The University of Jordan in Aqaba (UJ Aqaba) on Thursday signed a cooperation agreement with Pioneers Academy to develop the activities of the Center of Consultation and Training at the branch.


The agreement was signed by UJ Aqaba President Prof. Musa Al Lozi and Pioneers Training Academy Chairman Dr. Mustafa Al-Afore.


Under the agreement, the Academy will provide specialized training courses and diplomas to university students, as well as the exchange of expertise in the various fields of training.


The signing was attended by the UJ Aqaba Assistant President for Consulting and Training Dr. Adnan Smadi, and on the part of the Academy by Director of University Relations Ayman Laham, and Director of Training Diplomas Imad Wafa.

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