Third Forum on King’s Discussion Papers Opens at UJ-Aqaba
Sunday, December 2, 2018 
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Academics, researchers and students of both branches of UJ assured that His Majesty King Abdullah II's 7th Discussion Papers are a new approach to solidify the democratic debate aimed at the progress of Jordan.

They pointed out during the 3rd Forum for University Students on King’s Discussion Papers that these papers form a map for individuals and institutions to precede in the Jordanian development project amidst the difficult circumstances that the region is going through.

Prof. Musa Al-Lozi, Vice President for Community Service, Head of UJ Aqaba, said that the concepts that were mentioned in the Papers broach national issues and the future of the Jordanian citizen. He added that these papers handle issues related to the educational system, the development of the democratic system, and solidifying the principals of law.

For her part, Director of Communications and Community Service at the branch, Majduline Sabeehat, emphasized the importance of the forum that aims to study, research and discuss the papers. She added that university students have the determination to present a role model in solidifying stability and building a modern Jordan.

Al-Lozi honoured and thanked the institutions that supported the Branch especially for their support with this forum.

The two day forum will be attended by deans and student representatives from the University of Jordan, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Yarmouk University, Mutah University, Al al-Bayt University, Al-Balqa` Applied University, Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, Middle East University, and Aqaba University for Technology.
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