UJ School of Arts and Design Holds Exhibition, Concert
Sunday, June 20, 2021 
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The School of Arts and Design at the University of Jordan (UJ) on Thursday saw the inauguration of an art exhibition entitled: "from neglected to valuable", followed by a music concert by the students of the Music Department.

Held on the occasion of the centenary celebrations and UJ's sixteenth anniversary, the exhibition showcased furniture pieces redesigned and reshaped by Visual Arts Department students using old campus furniture.

Upon inaugurating the exhibition, UJ president Prof. Abul Karim Al Qudah toured the exhibition and voiced his admiration of the exhibits created by the hands of the students.

Dean of the School Prof. Rami Haddad said that the exhibition used the concept of recycling to transform old furniture into exciting new designs, teaching students how to benefit from old and abandoned materials by turning them into new usable designs.

Dr. Hayfaa Bani Ismail, who supervised the students and the exhibition, said that the idea of the exhibition focuses on the concept of recycling neglected furniture into contemporary art designs; thereby contributing to environment conservation and spreading the culture of recycling across the campus and the city.

A music concert was held after the inauguration ceremony under the supervision and coordination of Dr. Tsunka Al-Bakri. The concert was performed by students from the music department, showing off skills they have learned during their years of study.
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